Santhacklaus 2018 CTF - Recap

Santhacklaus 2018 CTF is a “Capture The Flag” individual competition in a Jeopardy style. Each challenger has to score points through the validation of challenges. The competition involves about thirty cybersecurity challenges divided into different categories (web, cracking, forensic, steganography, networking, system) and with various difficulty levels, from incredibly easy, to difficult. The competition took place from Friday 14th December at 8:18pm to Friday 21st December 2018 at 8:19 pm. The project has been sponsored by IMT Lille Douai (french IT school) and created by four students :

  • Charlie BROMBERG (@_nwodtuhs)
  • Riyad LAHMER (@m3lsius)
  • Aymeric SOREK (@Deldel)
  • Quentin ADAM (@Ch3n4p4N)

They created around 40 challenges, all solved during the week. I successfully finished the competion with the 5th place after a huge week of work.

Scoreboard 2 Scoreboard 1