Hacklab ESGI CTF 2019 - Recap

Hacklab ESGI CTF 2019 is a “Capture The Flag” competition in a Jeopardy style. It’s organize by security enthusiasts, members of Hacklab ESGI security association. For the 2019 edition, I wanted to share some knowledges to challengers. So I decided to join the CTF Staff and create a big web/system challenge : ZedCorp alias ‘My name is Rookie’.

Participate to a CTF like Staff is quite different than participate like player. I really loved to monitor my challenge.

There is some stats about Hacklab ESGI CTF 2019 :

  • 93 teams registered
  • 338 IP addresses
  • 23 challenges

And of course to many beers and pizza in staff room :D

More informations can be found here :


Thanks and see you next year ! :D